About CDTN

All nineteen of us – editors, readers, technicians, despatchers, trustees and administrators – are volunteers.  Some have been involved in the talking newspaper for over a decade.* CDTN is a member of the national Talking Newspaper Federation.TNF Logo

Dave, reader

Marian: editor, techie, reader.

Marian, editor, techie, reader

The late Eileen Williamson who set up our despatch operation three years ago and ran the team. Eileen, who had also given many years service to the Durham Blind Society,  passed away earlier this month and we all miss her very much.








Michael, reader & despatch

* Some History:   A south Durham TN started by Les and Betty Rawe with the Red Cross in Bishop Auckland some 35 years ago was subsequently taken over by the former Durham Blind Society and run alongside their north Durham edition for many years. When the Blind Society shut its doors in December 2014 its talking newspaper team set up CDTN so this service might continue. The talking newspaper’s signature tune was created by musician Jamie Dams.