How we are funded

CDTN (led by Leita Prior) is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and we receive no grant aid.  Our office rent, equipment, newspapers, CDs and other costs are met by (1) donations; (2) a legacy from the now-closed charity VIPS in County Durham, and (3) income from our audio-version recording services. 

Since the set-up of our charity in January 2015 we have enjoyed support from donors including Brandon & Byshottles Parish Council; Bishop Auckland Methodist Church; St Cuthbert’s Society ; St Giles’ Church, Durham; Rotary Club of Durham; Inner Wheel Club; Dunelm Geotechnical, Ladies’ Meeting Point; Cllr Joan Maslin; Towneley Court residents; North East Humanists;  Asda Home;  Shakespeare Temperance Trust; Rotary Club of Stanley; Fred Henderson; Forest Carbon Ltd; the Brancepeth Tai Chi Club – and a number of our own listeners and volunteers. Our first private-individual donor was the late blind local artist Bill Eltringham through the sale of one of his lovely landscapes.  Our own Brandon & Byshottles Parish Council are outstandingly generous and supportive.

Donations have provided new posting wallets, a USB copier and ongoing supplies of newspapers, CDs and USB sticks. We were also able to buy a good stock of USB players designed specifically for the visually impaired which we give to listeners ‘on permanent loan’.  We also bought new recording equipment  in anticipation of the old equipment failing – and for use at busy times.  In addition we have been supported by a significant rent reduction by our generous landlord, Dunhelm Geotechnical. 

£5 buys two new sturdy posting wallets; £1 = 9 blank CDs. £120 means three new Sonic ‘boombox’ machines for listeners.  If you or your organisation would like to make a contribution, please ring Leita Prior on 0191 378 9051. 

CDTN was registered as a charity in January 2015: Number 1159940.